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Segersta Horse Rehab

At Segersta Horse Rehab we rehabilitate horses, improve their capacity and prevent future injuries. At the end of all our rehabilitations we help and educate the riders how to train their horses with a long-term perspective for greater health and optimum performance.

Our vision is clear.

For more than 10 years we’ve dedicated our time and effort to develop a professional equestrian concept built by the highest quality, and with a harmonious way of training horses into the highest level of dressage. We named this concept and our yard, Segersta Equestrian.

At Segersta Equestrian we value horsemanship. We believe in a long-term perspective, a sustainable development of the horse, and a varied training. It’s a winning concept, Happy horse – Happy rider. However, similar to humans, horses encounter injuries of various severities. Sports medicin, physical therapy and rehabilitation play an important role in restoration of full function during recovery from injury. But, equally important are knowledge about the horse’s biomechanics, musculoskeletal and nervous systems function, to be able to prevent re-injury. The icing of the cake is how to apply the knowledge in the every-day training of the horse. For most rider and horse’s owner, it’s not an easy task. And this is why we founded Segersta Horse Rehab.

At Segersta Horse Rehab we have assembled a team of some of the best and most passionate equine professionals to bring you the best care for your horses. Depending on the injury, its location and the horse’s overall situation, each rehabilitation can vary in more ways than one. However, all rehabilitations starts with the veterinarians recommendation.


We work with the most experienced veterinarians in Sweden that share our vision. In close co-operation with the veterinary we develop an individual rehabilitation program, where we focuses on a physically and mentally relaxed horse in harmony.


Once the rehabilitation has started we regularly inform the veterinary on how the horse develop and discuss whether changes in the program is needed. It is important that he or she is consistently involved throughout the process so progress can be tracked and decisions made accordingly.

It’s all about the body, soul and mind.

Cindy Ahrnewald, Operations Manager.

”We’ve designed Segersta Horse Rehab to cater the equine athlete with the right facilities, the right competence, and full transparency towards the rider and horse’s owner. An holistic solution for a successful rehabilitation.”
We take our time.

The initial stages of rehabilitation are vital. At Segersta Horse Rehab we build up the horse slowly and develop strength in a gradual way.


We offer a wide range of services in our rehabilitation facilities, like for example aqua treadmill, walker, long-reins training, chiropractic, and cavaletti and pole work, and all horses in our rehab program are watched baseline. We work the horse in different environments, on different surfaces, and our experienced staff will introduce the horse to new exercises and training approaches in order to keep the horse’s body fit and elastic and the mind fresh and interested.


A successful rehabilitation involves strategic planning and a consistent adherence to a program to avoid a re-injury. Therefore we’ve summoned a team with over 20 years of professional experience in horses, training and competing, including a farrier and an Equiterapeut, to work in close collaboration with the veterinaries, the rider and horse’s owner. All members are equally important and each serve as a building block for the progress to make sure every decision is made on the horse’s behalf. Weekly updates are sent to the rider and horse’s owner about how the work develops and the general welfare of the horse.


In all rehabilitations we involve the rider to share our insights about the horse’s physic and mind. At the end of each rehabilitation, before the horse returns back home, Mads will personally provide the rider with training sessions. This is to help the rider to continue the horse’s optimal performance and happiness in the long run.

The team is the key.


Enstaka tillfälle

Det finns även möjlighet att köpa enstaka tillfällen. Detta passar för dig som har en häst som är van vid band och vatten.

  • Horse-Walker: 1 ggr X 45 min. Totalt 450 kr* + moms

  • Horse-Water: 1 ggr X 45 min. Totalt 550 kr* + moms


Kontakta Ida: 076-8020110


För dig som är ny kund och har en häst som aldrig gått på vattenband rekommenderar vi inlärningspaketet.

3 ggr X 30 min för 300 kr + moms p/ gång. Totalt: 900 kr* + moms.


För dig som har en erfaren häst och som inte behöver vänjas vid band eller vatten går det bra att köpa 10 pass som är giltiga i 6 månader framåt.

  • Horse-Walker – 11 ggr X 45 min. Totalt 4000 kr* + moms

  • Horse Water – 11 ggr X 45 min. Totalt 5000 kr* + moms

  • Horse-Spa – 11 ggr X 45 min. Totalt 6000 kr* + moms

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